Counterfeit Parts: Protecting Our Customers

The issue  The nature of grey imports – where some players source their parts from completely unregulated dealers unscrupulous enough to sell for use in another territory - means that counterfeit parts make up an estimated 90% of parts supplied throughout Afghanistan. The majority of these parts are manufactured in areas such as Turkey, India, Iran and China.  Because these parts do not conform to Perkins OEM build standards they seriously reduce the power and the lifespan of the engine, tend to fail early and unpredictably - sometimes causing catastrophic failure of the engine - and invalidating warranties.  The consequence is that fleet managers are unable to accurately forecast scheduled maintenance and are continually using reactive maintenance with its attendant expense and operational disruption.

US and NATO penalties  The operational penalties and US legal liabilities of using counterfeit parts as laid down under the National Defense Authorization Act 2012 are severe. This act of congress provides a legal structure to limit the flow of counterfeit parts entering the military supply chain.  In response, the NATO Parts Standardization and Management Committee, which is sponsored by the US Defense Logistics Agency, has moved quickly to engage all NATO members in the spirit of the US lead; its most recent meeting (30 Oct – 1 Nov 2012) had no fewer than 5 agenda items dedicated to this single issue.

How to solve this problem.  In the past, sourcing parts from outside Afghanistan was the only way to keep fleets running, but so-called ‘grey market’ imports could leave your company legally exposed in the light of new enforcement policies by NATO countries.  We are already working with NATO and USG to isolate illicit activity that can lead to contaminated supply-chains.  As the exclusive Perkins distributor, Mayphil and its authorised dealer network are the only legal Perkins parts retailers, warranty providers and sources of Perkins accredited technical expertise and specialist tooling in Afghanistan.  This means that you can access guaranteed genuine parts for engines, avoiding operational disruption and legal compromise.

Training Mayphil has committed to supporting the US Government and Prime Contractors in combating the effects of counterfeit parts by implementing and making available the Perkins Genuine/Counterfeit Parts Training Team, led by a Mayphil Master Engineer, which provides education to all operators of Perkins fleets in Afghanistan.  This enables your technicians to understand the effects of counterfeit parts and how to identify them.

For more information on receiving training in Afghanistan on Recognising Counterfeit Parts, please contact the Mayphil Group Service & Support Manager, Huw Jones, on

Huw Jones
Group Service & Support Manager
Mayphil Afghan Engine Services