Could Counterfeit Parts Cost You Your Liberty?

It is estimated that a large percentage of all engine parts in the Afghanistan market are counterfeit.  That potentially includes the parts supplied to many contractors and military organisations working on NATO facilities and outside the wire.  If you have generators or vehicles with Perkins engines, and you have a high maintenance rate, this could be part of the problem.

Apart from the damage counterfeit parts will do to your engines, it’s now clear that having anything to do with counterfeit parts could damage your freedom and finances too.

Incidentally, it also nullifies the warranty given by Perkins Engines, spurious parts are not made to the same tolerances and material specifications as the Original part.

Dubai cracks down – conducts raids

In Dubai in November 2012, the Department of Economic Development seized over 64,200 counterfeit parts, including over 27,700 oil and air filters, and heavily fined the owners.  But it is the United States where the biggest changes are happening.  When the US Department of Defence (DoD) discovered counterfeit electronic parts on some of their helicopters, they conducted a year-long investigation; so big was the problem that in 2012’s National Defence Authorization Act, they introduced penalties of up to 10 years in prison and $1million fines for a first offence of trading or receiving counterfeit parts.  The new law also covered mechanical parts as well as electronic.

The United States is now using ‘zero-tolerance’

The US have gone further, instructing the DoD to get control of the situation.  In response, the DoD will now require contractors to prepare a Parts Management Plan when they are responding to a Request for Proposals.  Contractors will be expected to show that they have a plan for selecting and managing parts throughout the life-cycle of a project.  The US is determined to make trading, owning, or using counterfeit parts difficult, expensive, and dangerous. 

The problem up until now is that getting genuine parts has been difficult.  Counterfeiters often try to forge identification markings, like holograms and packaging, and this can make it difficult to tell the counterfeit from the genuine part.  Also, it can be difficult to get a supply of the genuine parts that modern engines need.  If you are supporting a fleet of only 100 generators that are running 12 hours a day, you’re going to need 300 new air, oil, and fuel filters every 3 weeks.  That’s over 5,100 parts every year – and if you don’t have access to genuine parts, then non-genuine or counterfeit parts that you have been told are genuine can often seem attractive.

But these parts damage all the parts around them, meaning more engines down, increased maintenance time, and unhappy customers.

The parts situation is getting much better

The key to keeping your equipment running and, if you’re supporting American contracts, staying safe from getting audited and losing your contract, is to secure a trusted supply of genuine parts.  Because over 70% of generators in Afghanistan have Perkins engines, Perkins has appointed Mayphil Afghan Engine Services as the authorised exclusive distributor for Afghanistan.  Mayphil’s authorised outlets of guaranteed genuine Perkins parts are:

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