Perkins Afghanistan Services

Until recently, supporting Perkins engines in Afghanistan created a challenge in that there was no legitimate Perkins authorised source for tooling, trained technicians, and parts. This left most operators exposed to the grey market of parts sourced outside Afghanistan and imported, with the potential for counterfeit parts to enter the supply chain or having to rely on non-genuine parts and the consequent performance penalties they bring.  Perkins is able to directly support customers in country with the following activities throughout Afghanistan:


Comprehensive generator operability assessment and diagnostics:
Through our Dealer network, we offer a generator healthcheck and diagnostic assessment across your fleet. This is a deep diagnostic assessment of each generator using the Perkins proprietary database that removes the need for guesswork where maintenance records may be incomplete or unavailable. At the generator level,  technicians will know the exact stage that a component needs to be replaced – forecast out for the life of the generator; at the fleet level, managers will be able to accurately project their parts and labour spend. They will receive an assessment report for each generator that includes a report of the overall generator system (both engine and alternator components) and recommendations for “necessary” and “recommended” repairs required to restore a generator to optimal operational capability.

Exclusive Perkins Extended Service Contracts:
We can offer customers extended service contracts (ESC) that cover the cost of replacing defective engine parts, repair, labour, and travel time beyond the standard warranty period. Extended warranties help secure a lower cost base across the life of the engine, as well as help fleet managers to accurately forecast the capital outlay for scheduled maintenance.

Complete generator engine overhaul and rebuild:
A range of specialist tooling and training is needed to properly conduct a full engine overhaul and rebuild. If the generator is still under warranty, an overhaul by unauthorised technicians will invalidate it – costing customers the cover that the warranty would have provided. We are the only organisation in Afghanistan that has the necessary specialist tools, diagnostic equipment and reference documents needed to complete this task to the manufacturer’s specifications. Perkins Qualified technicians working under the Perkins Certificate of Authenticity process and verification carry out all maintenance on installed and repaired engines. This protects the customers investment by ensuring that warranties remain valid, and generators provide optimal power across their full service life.

Top end (only) generator engine overhaul and re-build:
It is likely that customer technicians already carry out this work on the fleet, and we can complement this by offering diagnostic support and advice. Alternatively our dealers can do the work on behalf of customers, thereby ensuring warranties remain valid. Provided there are no underlying problems, a typical top end overhaul and rebuild can be completed on site, taking between 2 hours for head gasket replacement to 10 hours for full top end overhaul depending on the size of the generator.

New generator replacement, including installation of automatic transfer switches and synchronising panels, as required for full operability of plant:
If the customers need replacement generators we can supply from our in-country stock of Perkins powered gensets. Our dealers provide the full range of technical services needed for the complete generator package, both mechanical and electrical, including peripheral equipment expertise for installation into an operational electrical system. Safi, our Master Dealer General Commercial, is an Afghan company that specialises in packaging generators and can supply new generators powered by Perkins engines as per your requirement. Their scope of supply is:

• Range in stock 20kVA to 500kVA
• Delivers out of hours (24/7/365)
• Connection to distribution panel
• Supply and fitment of all ancillary equipment, cables, transformers, distribution panels, fuel tanks supported etc.
• Onsite technical support to help analyse loads and deploy equipment quickly
• Range of cables in stock
• Installation team
• Trains client staff to operate equipment
• Supply operators on request
• Fast commissioning and start up
• Provides Perkins maintenance and aftermarket support
• Supplies distribution gear/panels
• Provides health and safety plan

Able to synchronise new or used generators to existing generators:
Users when automatic systems are not available often consider synchronising generators something of a ‘black art’. The cost of doing it incorrectly can be high and so it is useful to have an expert on hand to help. All Mayphil’s Afghanistan dealers have technicians who are specially trained in the synchronisation of generators using both the latest and legacy techniques. We can complement customer’s technical capabilities in this area by offering advice on particular genset combinations and provide technical staff to assist where needed.

Support For Key Generator Components – Fuel Injection Systems and Alternators:
While the Perkins engine sits at the heart of over 70% of generators in Afghanistan, we also support the other main components that can cause problems for fleet managers. The Afghan operating environment is hard on fuel injection components: fuel impurities can contaminate the injectors, reducing the power output of engines or causing expensive damage through damaged pistons and pumps which take the generator offline, out of service, and disrupt operations.

We can also supply a range of key components for generators such as alternators and control equipment.

Counterfeit Parts: Protecting Our Customers:
The issue: The nature of grey imports – where some company’s source their parts from completely unregulated dealers unscrupulous enough to sell for use in another territory means that large volumes of spurious parts are supplied throughout the region. The majority of these parts are manufactured in areas such as Turkey, India, Iran and China. Because these parts do not conform to Perkins OE build standards they seriously reduce the power and the lifespan of the engine, tend to fail early and unpredictably, sometimes causing catastrophic failure of the generator and invalidating warranties. The consequence is that fleet managers are unable to accurately forecast scheduled maintenance and are continually using reactive maintenance with its attendant expense and operational disruption.

US and NATO penalties: The operational penalties and US legal liabilities of using counterfeit parts as laid down under the National Defence Authorization Act 2012 are severe. This act of congress provides a legal structure to limit the flow of counterfeit parts entering the military supply chain. In response, the NATO Parts Standardisation and Management Committee, which is sponsored by the US Defence Logistics Agency, has moved quickly to engage all NATO members in the spirit of the US lead; its most recent meeting (30 Oct – 1 Nov 2012) had no fewer than 5 agenda items dedicated to this single issue.

How to solve this problem: In the past, sourcing parts from outside Afghanistan was the only way to keep fleets running, but so called ‘grey market’ imports could leave the customer legally exposed in the light of new enforcement policies by NATO countries. We are already working with NATO and USG to isolate illicit activity that can lead to contaminated supply chains. As the exclusive Perkins distributor, Mayphil are the only legal Perkins parts retailer, warranty provider and source of Perkins parts, accredited technical expertise and specialist tooling in Afghanistan. This means that our customers can access guaranteed genuine parts for their generators, avoiding operational disruption and legal compromise.

Free training support: Mayphil has committed to supporting the US Government and Prime Contractors in combating the effects of counterfeit parts by implementing and making available the Perkins Genuine/Counterfeit Parts Training Team, led by a Mayphil Master Engineer, which provides education to all operators of Perkins fleets in Afghanistan. This enables the end-user’s team of technicians to understand the effects of counterfeit parts and how to identify them.

Perkins Support Network:
Mayphil operates the strategic support network in Afghanistan on behalf of Perkins. Continually evolving to respond to the changing requirements of Perkins fleet operators in the country, Mayphil provides the following services:

Technical Helpline. Customer technicians and fleet managers can call the Mayphil helpline and get technical advice from the Mayphil engineering department. Customer technicians can conduct comprehensive fault diagnosis, often finding and helping repair the issue, without needing to call out any additional staff in Afghanistan. However, if during the fault-finding process with the Mayphil staff, extra help, tooling, or diagnostics are required, Mayphil can quickly get the in-country dealer staff to attend as needed.

Parts Order Line. Guaranteed genuine in stock parts can be ordered and delivered to civilian airports and military airbases in Afghanistan direct from the UK via our established air bridge within 48 – 72 hours for nearly the full range of generator parts, if in the unlikely event they are not held in Afghanistan by our Master Dealers.

Responsive Logistics. Utilising our established logistics air bridge, Mayphil resupplies Afghanistan directly from Perkins stock holdings in the UK. Mayphil has maintained an 85% pick rate and resupply of customers in Afghanistan to between 48 and 72 hours of receiving a VOR order. Our dealers are resupplied on a routine basis and hold large stocks at multiple facilities across Afghanistan.

Individual Engine Health Tracking:
Each engine’s serial number can be tracked by the Perkins’ proprietary SPI2 database, used by our dealers when working with the customer’s fleet. This enables us to trace the complete parts build list of all Perkins engines from the date of manufacture – which may be prior to its acquisition into the fleet. When the database is interrogated with an engine serial number, a complete list of parts and their service interval is produced, which can then be compared against any records that the customer holds today. Any gaps between the engine’s current service status and where it should be can be rectified with the appropriate parts and servicing schedule. This ensures the generator can provide the highest confidence of performance to its next maintenance interval, and sets a firm baseline for accurate scheduled maintenance across the customer’s fleet.

Perkins Genuine/Counterfeit Parts Training Team. The Perkins Genuine/Counterfeit Parts Training Team is led by a Mayphil Master Engineer and provides a completely free service to all users of Perkins Engines throughout Afghanistan. The team educates users on the support network available, how to trouble-shoot basic problems that can be rectified by the operator, when to call in the Perkins Master Dealer, how to spot counterfeit parts, and the legal implications of trading in counterfeit parts (for US citizens and US Government contracts) as well as the damage they can do to engines.

Service Capacity:
The Mayphil dealer network capacity exceeds 2,500 basic services every month throughout Afghanistan. We can attend 1,600 unscheduled unit call-¬outs using our mobile teams, and refurbish around 160 units per month. We can offer sustained, simultaneous, site work at 30 remote locations daily using mobile teams while providing our own site security. This is in addition to depth servicing at major base locations. We supply generators of all sizes from 20kw to 2000kVA.


Phil Medora
Mayphil Engine Group