Counterfeit Parts Recognition Training

Mayphil Afghan Engine Services is now offering Free training on counterfeit parts recognition.  

Counterfeit parts are a significant threat to any engine's health and the majority of mechanics and fleet managers would never knowingly use them.  But counterfeiters go to great lengths to make their parts look like genuine Perkins parts.  Tactics they use include:

  • Using boxes and packaging that have the Perkins logo
  • Using holograms that look official, but are not the right design (if you know what you are looking for)
  • Copying Perkins serial numbers from other parts and stamping them on bogus parts
  •  Inserting counterfeit parts in the used empty boxes of genuine parts

Many counterfeit parts can be difficult to tell from the real thing - until it's too late of course.  Because the counterfeit parts are not manufactured to the right standards, and are not designed to work alongside other Perkins parts, they can literally destroy your engine.

Mayphil and our Dealers offer FREE courses in counterfeit parts recognition for your company.  We currently run the courses in the UK but will soon run them in Dubai and Afghanistan (Kabul, Leatherneck/Bastion, and Kandahar) in early 2013.

For more information on your free course or if you have any questions about Perkins engines or counterfeit parts, get in touch with me, Huw Jones, using the details below.

Huw Jones
Group Service & Support Manager
+44 1685 353220